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Grouper Fishing






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                  Grouper Fishing

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                                           You Don't Have To Go Offshore To Far For BIG Grouper

                            GROUPER FISHING

                          A BIG Gag Grouper Caught By The Editor On A Pinfish Lure imitation fishing lure


                                    Where Are The Gag Grouper 

    Gag Grouper can be found offshore and in the shallow waters of Southwest Florida.   We managed to catch several nice gag groupers including the two 30 & 29 inch gags by father and son pictured above. Gags can be located on any structure near shore in water as shallow as 35 feet or less.  Many of the gags are over 30 inches. Please be aware that new fishing regulations are in effect that limit the number of Gag Grouper and the season you can harvest them. Always check local fishing regulations before you decide to take a fish home. Gag Grouper also has a closed season now.   You can also catch a lot of Mangrove Snapper, Cobia, Snook and Redfish. The best way to catch the fish during these months is to  free line pinfish around any structure in Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound.

                                                    Gag Grouper Techniques

     The bigger the pinfish the better.  We have been catching big Black Gag Grouper on pinfish bigger than your hand. Its best to use a fluorocarbon leader of 50 lbs when fishing the dangerous underwater structures.  The big grouper will run around a  rock and break you off if you don't really lock the drag down tight.  You have to take control of the fight quickly before he has a chance to turn his head downward. 



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                                                         Gag Grouper Tackle

   This is some very exhilarating fishing.  You will also need a stout rod and reel with 30 lb Spider Wire or equivalent.  Always check on the latest fishing regulations to make sure you know the latest bag requirements for gag grouper .

                                              Methods of Gag Grouper Fishing

    Another successful method to catch Big Gag Grouper is to troll for them using a  deep diving plug.   Its also a great time to fish the coastal reefs and ledges.  Find an area with a ledge in 20 - 30 feet of water.   This will help draw a strike.  Gags have been known to come to the surface and strike also, so be mindful as you reel in your line. I have caught some of my biggest gags this way.

                                        Be Careful Using The Big Trolling Lures

                                                       GROUPER FISHING


           Grouper Lure Reviews                                Grouper Strategies & Techniques



                 We Catch Big Grouper Year Around On  Lures In 30 to 40 Feet less than 6 Miles Offshore

GROUPER FISHING  Grouper Lure Reviews -We trolled with diving fishing lures to evaluate the best lure model and color to consistently catch big Southwest Florida Gag Grouper in near offshore waters to 40 feet. We fished from 15 miles offshore to areas near Charlotte Harbor with less than 35 feet of water depth. The Blue Silver/Yellow Orange produced best for us. The blue consistently caught more fish than any other lure, however we experienced problems with the front hook screwing out and losing the big fish. We had our best luck with the new imitation fishing lure fished straight down and bouncing them off the bottom.

                                          Fishing For Grouper

                    Big Grouper Fishing Techniques & Tackle


      We also evaluated some new grouper soft baits for jigging in deep water. Be sure to check our grouper lure evaluations below.  Our favorite is  pinfish imitation fishing lure.     


 GROUPER FISHING  Big Gas Grouper on pinfish imitation fishing lure.

  GROUPER FISHING  Shrimp Baits new Jumbo Handpick Shrimps in 9 exciting colors. This is a very flexible and soft five (5) inch long rubber imitation shrimp bait made from saltwater durable rubber.

 We also like the quality and effectiveness of trolling lures to catch grouper. The lures must have a through wire inside the lure to prevent losing fish due to pulled hooks. Also the deep diving lures have much better action in the water and more sound. All in all it's one of our favorite fishing lure to catch big gag grouper.

   Grouper Tackle - Use 3.0 or 4.o or equivalent size reels and short stiff fiberglass rods. You don't need the high sensitivity of graphite for trolling big lip lures. Your rod tip is going to be shaking from all the lure action anyway. Also the fiberglass hold up better under the heavy load of the big groupers. Use 65 to 80 power pro line and a 60 - 80 lb mono or fluoro leader.

       Grouper Techniques - Grouper Fishing Strategies include trolling your fishing lures in the correct depth for your fishing lure. If you are fishing a 30 ft lure in 50 feet of water you won't usually get many strikes. Instead try trolling your lure in 30 to 38 feet of water. This will allow you to get your lure closer the bottom. If you're catching big grouper on trolling lures though you will probably be loosing some lures as well in the process. Grouper stay close to the bottom and bottom structure. It's a fine line getting your lure close enough to the bottom and not getting hung up all the time and losing expensive lures. If you do get hung up circle around 180 degrees and try pulling the lure free. This will often work to free your expensive trolling lures. Another thing you can do to reduce fishing lure loses and spare yourself an emergency hospital visit is to remove the rear treble hooks from the lure.  All the groupers I have caught on trolling lures attack the head of the lure.  Plan your fishing trip the day before. Often when I get on the water I have to change my plans due to water or weather conditions, but always have your fishing day planned out. I also like to have my tackle rigged the night before. You effective fish time is limited and you don't need to be rigging your tackle on the water and wasting valuable bottom time. Vary your lure color until you start getting strikes. I have seen days when they will only hit blue/silver fishing lures and other days when they will only hit pink lures. Don't spend your entire day fishing one color if your not catching fish.

  GROUPER FISHING                      

  Another effective method is to drift fish with the new pinfish imitation fishing lure bouncing off the bottom. Use a 3/4 ounce round sinker in front of a swivel with 3 to 4 feet of 50 lb mono or fluoro carbon with an imitation pinfish lure. This is a sure catch method for gags, red grouper and snapper.

                                            Big Grouper Fishing Tips

On windy days noisy lures seem to work best. Experiment with different fishing lure colors, sounds and sizes.  Bigger lures seem to catch bigger fish. If you are catching shorts try using a much larger lure or a different color.   Troll around bottom structure. Vary your trolling speed according to the wind and current. When you hook up with a grouper while trolling keep the boat in gear for a few seconds to pull the fish away from any bottom structure. Otherwise the fish will crawl under a rock and hang you up. The boat will pull the fish away from the rocks and start it moving toward the surface. I do not like pulling the fish behind a boat until it planes on the surface. This injuries smaller fish and could affect their survival after release. Only pull the fish with the boat enough to move it away from bottom structure. Also, while loading your reels with line. Put about 3/4 of the reel in 50 lb regular mono backing line. Then tie on the power pro line with a secure know and only put on 150 to 200 ft of power pro line. The only reason for using power pro is because you can get your fishing lure deeper in the water as the line is much thinner. You will rarely be trolling with more than 200 ft of line out unless you're in 60+ feet deep water. In that case if you plan to do a lot of offshore deep water fishing you might want to add more power pro.

                                            Big Gag Grouper Trolling Tips

    Grouper Tips - Trolling Plugs.  I had lived in Southwest Florida for 20 years and fished all over Pine Island Sound. I had a couple offshore boats that we went up to 50 miles offshore fishing for Gag Grouper.  I fish exclusively with Fish Bait Fishing Lures now for gag grouper now. I don't even use cut or live bait anymore.       

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